Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tuesday Hill Repeats

This was the second go round at Flagpole Hill for hill repeats.  On the schedule was 7 repeats this time, we did 5 three weeks ago.  Hip flexor strain keeps reminding me that it is still there, however every time it reminds me it is a little more faint, so it is slowly fading away.  My 4:10 group handled the workout well and looked like pros.  Also my co-pacer Myriam is back from her vacation, so I was really excited about that and happy to see her. Got extra miles from running from and back to the DRC clubhouse with runner buddy Jackie and ended up with a total of 10.85 miles, probably the most that I have ever run on a Tuesday.  Very nice workout.  Glad that I'm on vacation from work, I get to sleep in tomorrow.  

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