Saturday, September 21, 2013

Saturday Long Run

Leading the 4:10 Marathon Group 9/21 long run, 16 miles.
Today I returned to my regular pacing duties today with the DRC 4:10 marathon group.  We finally had fall like weather which allowed running some on the lower end of our pace range.  On the schedule was 16 miles.  The course was hilly of course, and the group fared well.  Everyone kept up for the most part.  I ran two extra miles with my extra mileage buddy Jackie C before the training run to make my total 18.  Feeling pretty good still, now to get ready for a birthday half marathon tomorrow.  Not sure how I will handle this half, when I signed up for it I didn't know I would have 18 miles on the schedule the day before.  I originally wanted to run it at marathon race pace and try to hold all the way through.  Instead it will probably be sort of a recovery run.  The course is completely flat.  My trail runs are probably more difficult.  We shall see.  In other stuff, almost have everything wrapped up for the trip to Tulsa.  Have a hotel booked, however it is 12 miles away from the race start.  There will be a carpool from Dallas to Tulsa, which I will have to hitch a ride there.  I may have to take a shuttle or taxi from the hotel to Downtown Tulsa the morning of the race.  That is if I don't find something closer.

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