Friday, September 12, 2014

Ahhh Fall... Well, or at least the end of summer

So funny how running has changed so many things about me.  I used to dread the end of summer.  I really am NOT a cold weather person or even really a cool or chilly weather person.  I absolutely HATE being cold.  I don't think I could never live in the northern part of the country.  I like being able to walk outside with a shirt off and a glass of Kool-Aid and be comfortable.  But when it comes to running in it, I'm not the same person. Give me 40-50 degrees during a run (after the first half mile warm up) and I'm in heaven.  We just had a double cool front drive through which swatted the 90 degree, 80% humidity weather back out to half-court.  At least temporarily.  We all know that here in North Texas that drippy, sweaty weather could be back within the next week.  And it can show up at any time without warning at any time of the year.  See Dallas Marathon weather of 2012 to refresh your memory on that if you have forgotten.  There is just something about running in the crispness of the cold, your body providing the heating system, and the steam coming from your breath.  Well it's not that cold yet, but its coming.  The only problem I have every year is overdressing.  Tomorrow it will be 59 degrees for the start of our long group run at the DRC.  Still shorts and T shirt weather, but you always have the tendency to pull out the long sleeves.  But I have pulled those to the front of the closet as well as have located the gloves and caps.  Bring on the fall weather.  Bring on marathon weather.


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