Thursday, August 28, 2014

How to stop a (Nite) train /change of plans

I didn't think I would ever crash again like I have done so many times, but it has happened once again.  And one more time I have learned something else.  I'm not going to tell a long story about what went down last Sunday except that it happened and that I'm still mad at myself and embarrased as hell after somewhat letting my guard down.  Didn't really wan't to blog about it, but feel like I owe the public, because someone else out there probably has the same issues that I do.  I just posted about this same thing on my 4:00 Marathon training group's FB page not even two weeks ago. Here is the lesson I got out of it this time.

1.  My crashing issues or "Claying" all these years was not so much caused by dehydration as much as by electrolyte embalance.  I was well hydrated before this happened on water and Gatorade. 
2.  Regular salt does NOT replace Endurolytes, which have been my best friend ever since I discovered them.  Or any other electrolyte replacement supplement‎.  At least not for me.  Neither does mustard, neither does pickle juice.  Per my conversation with the paramedic inside the ambulance (who just so happened to have had a history of multiple incidents like mine and is a heavy sweater like me) we determined that the major element that I lose when I sweat is potassium.
3.  It really doesn't take much for my electrolyte balance to get thrown off when the weather is on the warm side (above 80 degrees) and I don't take proper salt replacements.
4.  I'm done with training for ultra marathons during the middle of the summer.  In Texas.  For now.

Now that I have gotten that out of the way, here is my revised race schedule:

10/18 - Ragnar Relay 50K
11/2 - DRC Half Marathon (probably will be pacing)
11/8 - Rockledge Rumble 50K
12/14 - Metro PCS Dallas Marathon

I removed the Lost Loop 50K from the schedule for various reasons.  One, after the research I did, the Cross Timbers course appears to be extremely technical.  Two, the weather could be really warm at the end of September.  Three, I couldn't get into a good rhythm with my training.  Work, and other personal issues were causing me to miss some long runs and extra mileage.  My longest run since El Schorcho is only 14 miles or so.  Four, I really just don't feel like training for anything major right now. Just being honest.  This removes a lot of pressure that I created, now I can focus on just getting myself back in tune and concentrate on my pacing duties with my 4:00 marathon training group.  The Ragnar Relay is 50k total but won't be done all at once.

I have added the Rockledge Rumble, 50K.  It's in November.  Now you know Texas, it could still be 80 degrees and 90% humidity on any given morning.  But at least I know that course very well.  Plus a lot of my favorite people are running it along with me.  I was present for this race last year as a spectator, so I totally know what to expect.  And I have two more months to prepare.  No brainer.

We will revisit the Cross Timbers trail at a later time

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  1. Can't wait to see you at the Rockledge Rumble!