Sunday, February 16, 2014

Taper week! One week til Cowtown

7 days away, first ultra.  If you had have told me when I first started running that 1 week before my 4 year "runniversary" that I would be an ultra marathoner, I may have said "GTFOH".  Actually I probably would have asked "What the hell is an ultra marathon?"  At the time I did not even know how long a marathon was, nor that half marathons existed.  So here I am all excited, giddy, drooling, anxious, all of that.  Seems that the leading up to a huge event is almost as great as the event itself.  And life is all about having something to look forward to right?  I certainly do this week.  Everything is all set.  I've run a ton of miles, but still feel like I haven't run enough.  I guess that's normal.  I have my nutrition plan set for the week.  Looks like I may even have a group of folk to run with all the way to mile 31.  Of the 5 marathons I have ran, with exception to the one which I have paced, I ran on an island by myself, not in a group.  It will be nice to have some support along the way.  And hopefully someone to celebrate with as we cross the finish line.  The weather so far looks like it will be exceptional on race day.  I will approach this race just as I did all of my firsts.  Just run it, experience it, have something MORE to build on.


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