Sunday, August 18, 2013

Check One, Check Two...

It's been a minute since I have blogged about anything, so I decided to sit down at the computer and just start typing and see where it takes me.  Hmm.. I guess I need to document something so that 20 years from now I can go back and see either how stupid I was or how smart I'm becoming.  Now focused on my date with the Route 66 Marathon in Tulsa, OK on November 24th, I have been trying to do the smart thing, ever since my infamous dehydration incident in June.  By the way, I have been fully hydrated ever since that day.  I have realized that I had been 'getting by' doing a lot of things I shouldn't and not doing things I should.  Not just under-hydrating.  I am slowly finding out that I am blessed with a body which will take a lot of abuse and keep performing.  I just need to take advantage of what I'm blessed with.  Having said that, I'm feeling stronger than ever, I think mainly due to a number of things.  First, fueling enough before and during all runs, not just races.  Even on those days where the weather conditions are less than favorable, I'm finding it easier to finish runs now that I'm starting to take note of how much I need to fuel up with.  Also, I have been doing regular stretching and foam rolling.  It's now part of my workout plan.  I have two hours per week where I do nothing but that.  I've mixed in some weight training as well, we'll see how much that helps.  It has at least made me 'look' better.  Looking at my running logs, I realized that over 70 percent of my mileage is with a group.  Those folks keep me honest.  Running trails regularly is also helping strengthening my legs.  I had come to the conclusion the leg cramps that I used to get was getting wasn't solely due to dehydration, it was due to my legs not being strong enough which brings me to the regular trail running I do every Sunday.  I just had a friend who I run trails with every week complete her marathon today in 3:15:38 and take 2nd place.  Her message to me after I congratulating her was to "keep running the trails, they are making a difference".   The last thing that I think is helping is following a training plan and sticking to it.  I have gotten caught up twice, running too many miles or doing a workout that is not on the schedule and ended up getting hurt, both times.  Makes sense.  If you have a road map to somewhere, you will never make your destination or take forever to get there if you keep taking off roads.  I don't know what will happen in Tulsa in November, but all I wish to do is maximize on my potential and follow my training plan and race strategy flawlessly.  The rest should take care of itself.  Here's to a happy training. Stay healthy my friends.



  1. it's not easy to do all the things a "complete runner" needs to do...I hope to follow the path as you are to get the right mix of training, cross training, stretching, nutrition and fueling down so then I can really work on race strategy when the time comes. Thanks for the update Clay & keep "The Nite Train" rolling down the track!

  2. Thanks Coach.. I'm going to put it out there that well over 50% of knowledge I have about training came from you. Now I just need to practice what I have learned and am preaching to everyone else!