Friday, November 30, 2012

The Question

The question I get from most non-runners that knew me before I started running is "What made you get into that?"  I really have not been able to answer that question.  It just happened.  I guess that's like asking why are bananas yellow or why is water wet.  A better question is one asked by a friend of mine who just got the running "bug".  She asked me "Why do you run?"  She asked me, seemingly knowing why she does, but wanted to hear my reason. .
Why do I run?  Why not.  Am I running from something?  Not necessarily.  Maybe I'm running to something.  What am I running to?  Do I really know why I run?  Is it really for staying fit?  What is "fit"? Am I?  I sat and thought about it and there are so many reasons that I do what I do.  What is running to me?

It is my therapy, it is my destressor.  It is my buddy at the end of the day or my companion in the morning.  It's my homie that I hang out with on the weekend.  It doesn't talk back, disagree, vent or whine, but it does listen to me. It is my nourishment. It feeds me pavement or dirt trails and I stay healthy in mind, body and spirit. It helps me solve world problems.  Well maybe not world problems but I have come up with many solutions to issues I've had while on a run.  It keeps me confident.  Most runs I feel crappy at the start but feel a sense of accomplishment at the finish.  But I always know I will finish.  It is my entertainment.  No need to plug in anything or travel anywhere.  All I need are my sneakers and the front door exit.  There is always the "next run", therefore I always have something to look forward to.  And life is all about having something to look forward to, right? And It is my life, it is me.  Just as my body needs food, water, sleep and rest, it needs to run.  It wants to run.  It has to run. 

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