Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Gettin' Back on Track

Well... I'm not going to blog much about the 2013 Dallas Marathon.  There are already a bunch of great blogs out there so I'm not going to beat a dead horse.  For the most part it seems people have accepted what didn't happen and are moving on to "plan B".  Plan B is The Cowtown Marathon for a lot of folks, and that marathon was already on my radar.  In fact, it will probably be my "A" race every year.  The weather is always great, it is a pretty good course and the support is awesome.  And seems like every race that I have done in Cowtown:  El Scorcho, Honored Hero and Cowtown has went well.  I ran Cowtown last February with an injury (lower leg ligament tear) but still managed to squeak out a 4:30.  And that is with a 7+ minute potty break. 
Let me tell you though, after running in Tulsa 17 days ago, I have let up a little.  As I should have.  Marathon 101 tells you that you should take at least two weeks to a month off of running for recover after a marathon.  I have ran occasionally with my marathon training group, "the 3:70", but not much more than that.  I was supposed to have a double race weekend, the CIGNA Mayor's Race 5k on Saturday then the Dallas Half Marathon on Sunday.  Since both races were cancelled, that gave me unexpected additional leisure time and time to eat everything under the sun.  The rest was good, but so is food.  It is so easy to revert back to bad habits.  Time to let go of the chili dogs, loaded french fries, beer... um, well maybe not the beer just yet.  But yeah, it time to get back on the program.  Weight training too, because I kinda let that go about a month before Tulsa.  Up next, my first ever trail race on New Year's Day.

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