Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wow Moment

I just had a wow moment... I have ran often this training season without my Garmin; I mainly wear it when I'm pacing.  For a couple reasons, so I can learn what different paces feel like when I run relative to weather and so to prolong the life of my Garmin.  When I don't use my Garmin I use Map My Run and just  have it rolling on my phone strapped to my arm and I just do that for mileage.  I was looking through my last few runs, never looked at the run I did this past Sunday and saw the splits.  Not that I wasn't confident, but this was an eye opener for me as I did this the day after a 22 miler and I probably could have went another 4-5 miles.  I had no idea I was running at this pace.  I wonder what I can do on fresh legs.


  1. Awesome job! You are going to do great in Tulsa!!

  2. Thanks Kim! I just can't wait to get through this week and to start tapering :p