Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sleepy blog

Totally random blogging here.  So here I am 1:20 am awake Monday morning before a workday.  I should be in bed but no, I'm up trying to come up with a running/training strategy for the next month.  My target race only a month away, my first ever full marathon.  But I have a half-marathon to kill in just 6 days.  A milestone for me, because one year ago this same half was the first serious race I had ever been in.  So yes I want to just go out there and first, beat the previous time of 2:07 in the Rock N Roll Dallas, which shouldn't be a problem, but 2nd bust my overall PR of 1:53:25.  This race is sort of in the way, but I had to do it.  Now that I have been training for a full marathon, I have no idea or gauge on how fast I can finish a half.  The other thing is the weather.  In the routine training run this past weekend 18 miles felt worse than the 23 I ran last week.  Heat and humidity did a number on my legs.  What will the weather be on April 15?  Hell what will the weather be next week?  Gotta love Texas.  Then there is the thing with the mileage that I'm running.  This was really supposed to be my peak week for my full marathon, but I instead made last week my peak week with the 23 miler.  I ran only 18 miles this weekend so that I could have fresh legs for the half coming up.  So what do I do next week after I run the half?  There will be 3 weeks until the full.  I have several 20+ milers under my belt this winter, so maybe it won't be a factor.  I may be already there as far as preparedness.  Then too I figure I'll be running so hard on Sunday that it will be equivalent to busting out over 18-20 slow miles.  Eh... probably not.  Well, I'll figure it out hopefully.  Ok, I'm finally sleepy now.  Goodnight (-_-)

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